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Important note!
It is crunch time!
I will be adding shiba, bitcoin, & matic anonymous donate links here soon!

Only 3 people have donatd in the last year!
That is very sad, knowing people have been set free!
100% people have grown and been set free by the truth presented here!

======================4 Ways To Donate==================

A)Donation paypal email is: bookznc@yahoo.com

B)Shiba inu donation address is:


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Donation paypal email is bookznc@yahoo.com

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The reason to donate is multifaceted!

1. Help others
2. Help yourself grow
3. Help the creator/speaker
4. Spread the good news to the world
5. Support the individual creators instead of hollywood foolishness
6. Give and it shall be given principle aka a fundamental truth
7. If poeple grow in truth your nation is better,,
beter hearts == better society for you to live in!

-Expenses to keep this going are stuff like:
-new computers
-new printers
-new keyboards
-server cost monthly time 3
-internet cost monthly
-website dns cost
-time and effort to produce content
-time and effort to fix a down system
-time and effort to fix a hacked site and secure it
-time answering questions and emails
-etc ... etc...