STAND 100%!

Pro Israel

Pre Trib Rapture

Faith Alone in Jesus Alone

Once Saved Always Saved

Abortion is Murder

King James Bible is Best Version

Adam & Eve, Not Adam & Steve

Everything Points to Jesus

Etymology Points to Source

Jesus is Source


1000 Year Reign of Christ

Legalism is Bad & Anti Spirit Walk

Obey your authority until they go anti

Right to bear arms!

Freedom of speech or die!

Do not yoke up with unbelievers period!

Reality is a holographic storyline pointing to the cross

Everything repeats and cycles to birth the inner man

Nothing new under the sun!

If a man doesn't work, he doesn't eat!

Socialism is a lie!

USA is a republic not a democracy

Democrats are wile e coyote in the storyline

Sound doctrine is being awake

501-3c Is a yoking with the world's system!

Walking by faith & Dying daily is the true spiritual path in 3d

Revenge or vigilantism is anti

If you do not know your bible you are an NPC


Invest in winning souls!

Try your best to be debt free, if possible!



Everything is a word! (aka has a meaning)

You are in the holo.gram == holy.writ

If you are judged by a book, then you must be in a book

(which means everything is being recorded & watched)

They do not want you to study the greek text for a reason!

Names reveal your calling!

(examples: Rockefeller == fell the rock,

Rothchild == child of wroth)

Whole systems is designed to hide the gospel!

(John 3:16)

The new world order has always been here, since genesis 3

Your culture has lied to you from day one!

(example: "Don't tread on me" is identifying with the snake devil!

You are running on a system program, til you get the mind of Christ

Walking in the spirit, is not rule based living








Will add more later




Is vigilantism actually illegal?
Regardless of your intentions, vigilantism is illegal.
If you are in a situation where you have retaliated and
taken matters of the law into your own hands,
you will need to contact a knowledgeable and
well-qualified criminal defense attorney immediately.