This will be my "twitter equivalent" page!
Will Add major updates here!
Will try to add here atleast once per week or more!
I am always researching and listening to other teachers!
So more to come!

Latest Updates:

I am here to help people to see past the game!
The game is to shut down your true identity and inner gifts!
The devil wants everyone to be a slave to some program!
Instead of being who God called you to be aka free in Christ
The system is trying to enslave you to some ai flesh mind program!
The hive mind wants your soul, but via your own free choice by
a major decepticon trick!


Everything is working as it's suppose to be working!
Never forget that truth!

How To BRAINWASH Yourself For Success
& Destroy NEGATIVE THOUGHTS! | Dr. Joe Dispenza

Zeph Plain out Tells You the Tares Agenda Is to Tare Up This Place!

8.25.22 I am not a new age person at all
but this woman is revealing some deep stuff
that you need to hear...
Remember that the bible says the earth and creation groans
waiting for the Sons of God to appear!
Well, we are appearing and yes maybe the new age is co-opting it
but,,,,,,,, you can learn from everyone and then go right back to
your bible and see the real deal and see through the fog..
Paul said he became all things ot all men to win some!
The battle is real and the war is on!
It is all a warfare against souls and hearts and minds!

This video note: i have not watched all of it yet..
but he does say something very interesting....
and it is how the modern day christian movement..
is not about being a living example
but some religious tradition or ritual aka religion.
Have a listen,,, i think he is a believer, you decide!
Good stuff to think about irregardless, very convicting!

Note to myself! Watch Later!

8.18.22 - Everything is the Now!
Enjoy it no matter where you are!
Set some new goals and manage your ship!

Create A New Vision As Often As You Need To!
By changing the game the devil is thrown into a tailspin
You have the power to change patterns at will!
Do it! Just Do It!

Reality Is A Love Story Playing Out
Everywhere All The Time!

Ditto Of Above

wile e coyote can never stop chasing road runner
but likewise
road runner can not stop standing in peace!
choose peace no matter what the news says

Whatever is upsetting you or causing yo to obsess,,
admit it and face it and then refocus your mind,,
your mind is your mind,, you can refocus anytime you like,,
you are not a slave to bad thoughts!

culture == ure.cult == your cult
Break the program via the word of truth!

The jesuits and freemasons have a trap for everyone!
The only way to escape is to know/admit your own weaknesses!

Voice to skull technology patents!
Mind control patents
Testing Berberine supplements

Will update what i find/conclusion

Black/white/red == blood of his cross
black/white == the checker board we play on
red vs blue == turing machine
green == reptilian go green crowd
red == grace == the blood
blue == blue letter law
yellow == the cross
orange == the spirit walk

Been Fasting For Almost a Year, 14 Hours Per Day!
Fasting Reverses Sickness & Time!

"A Must Food" Menu List:
Super Foods:
-extra virgin olive oil
-whey protein isolate
-mct oil
-cocunut oil
-liver pudding
-cod liver oil

8.6.22 - I am still alive on earth!
Earth Anagram: hear.t,, heart,
Health Is Wealth! - Longevity Secret:
Fasting & No Sugar Is The Big Secret!

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Power Of The Universe!

What Happened At The Cross? Everything! Literally, Everything!
Every Moment you Breath, You Are At that Moment Right Now!

July & August Are Critical Months!
They Want illuminati Sacrifices for The Burning Man celebration!
Stay on guard and stay in peace! Cut off the noise and fluff!

No man is an island! We need free speech from others to force us to grow

Gonna start a links page soon with some "deep thinkers"

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